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Scarpina electric scooter shown off in Japan

A company called Auto EV Japan is planning to release a new electric scooter this May in Japan. A number of different versions of the Scarpina will be offered, including models with both 2 and 3 wheels. It appears as if the three-wheeled units use a suspension design very similar to the one that debuted years ago on the Honda Gyro with the twin set of wheels at the rear, not at the front as on newer designs such as the Jeremy Korzeniewski

Sufat announces new electric scooters

Looks like Vectrix could might have some competition coming its way. Sufat, apparently a major scooter manufacturer in Vietnam, has just announced plans to produce a new electric scooter that it says is capable of hitting speeds of 80 miles per hour. Acceleration is equally impressive, with the proposed electric scooter hitting 50 mph in under ten seconds. Of course, it's one thi

Electric Vespa conversion from Soundspeed Scooters

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Strathclyde Police in the UK to ride Vectrix scooters

Despite the fact that Vectrix has posted extremely disapointing sales numbers so far, there are certain uses for the electric scooter which just make too much sense to ignore. Ask the NYPD, for one. Or take, for instance, as a parki

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