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Evolt puts Italy on the electric motocross map [w/VIDEO]

Evolt Bull1- Click above to watch the video after the break

Zero X vs Quantya Track electric off-road shoot out

While we have had the opportunity to ride both the Zero X and the Quantya Track, our time and terrain with the electric motocross machines were relatively limited. Not so for Dirt Rider Ma

Zero Motorcycles plans full-scale European invasion

Zero S electric motorcycle - Click above for a high-res image gallery

VIDEO: Jay Leno gets the Zero X in his garage

Jay Leno often gets to try some pretty sweet rides but this week's featured machine was cool AND green. It's not the first electric two-wheeler to drop by the the late-night comedian's automotive haunt but the Zero X electric off-road motorcycle is arguably the coolest. As Jay explains in the video, he

Many motocross tracks planned for Quantya

There used to be lots of motocross parks in Europe where you could ride your dirt bike around banked turns and over carefully crafted jumps to your heart's content. In recent years, though,the issue of noise pollution has really taken the air out of the knobby-tire fun. With the advent of clean and quiet electric bikes like those from Quantya, those days may be coming back. Hans Eder, businessman and motocross trainer, thinks that "Quantya Parks" are about to become really popular and has plans

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