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Say "fuel cell" to someone in the auto industry and I bet you dollars to donuts that they'll think you're talking about hydrogen. Well, I'll make the bet unless you're speaking to Dr. Jens Müller or Dr. Peter Podesser of Smart Fuel Cells. These two men were in Anaheim for EVS23 to showcase their methanol fuel cells. The big selling point of these fuel cells, Podesser and Müller will tell you, is that all of the problems with the commercialization of fuel cells have been overcome by usi

Fuel Cell Works is reporting that Veloform has announced the release of a fuel cell-powered, three-wheeled bicycle called the City Cruiser II. You may recognize the familiar shape of the vehicles as Veloform is the maker of the Bicy-Taxis shown at New York's Ecofest a couple months ago.