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2010 Mini Cooper 50 Camden Edition – Click above for high-res image gallery

Every month, Ward's Auto posts its Fuel Economy Index (FEI) numbers. Last time around, we noted that Ward's witnessed a decrease in buyer interest in fuel-efficient vehicles. While the numbers did indicate that overall fuel efficiency was still on the rise, it was also evident that buyers were opting for larger, less efficient vehicles. The FEI numbers posted for May are even more disturbing.

As experts from the automotive industry and government discuss how to determine efficiency ratings for electric vehicles (EVs), they have quickly come to a conclusion that nobody will be happy to hear: it can't be done.

Mazda has announced plans to launch its new Sky Concept powertrains in the U.S. beginning in 2011. The Sky technologies will help the brand meet its goal of reducing fuel consumption by 30 percent by 2015. The Sky technologies include a Sky-G engine, a Sky-Drive transmission and a Sky-D engine.

Click above for a gallery of the Volvo ReCharge Concept

In an effort to expose the underreported truth behind the government's corporate average fuel economy ratings (CAFE) and to define more accurate fuel economy estimates, the team over at Cars.com has created their own True Mileage Index. The consumer website points out the flaw behind CAFE is that the adjusted calculations misrepresent the numbers posted on new car windows, and the actual fuel economy consumers will realize on the road (e.g., although Honda earned a 2007 CAFE rating of 33.5 mpg,

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