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For those Americans who are still employed and have to drive to work every day, the continuing low pump prices for gasoline have been a boon. The current national average of $2.68 a gallon for regular is equivalent to an inflation-adjusted $1.01 per gallon in 1980. While that's certainly good for household budgets in a struggling economy, it doesn't provide much incentive to buy fuel efficient vehicles at a price premium. With the new Chevrolet Cruze starting at over $16,000 and the soon-to-laun

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Every month, Ward's Auto posts its Fuel Economy Index (FEI) numbers. Last time around, we noted that Ward's witnessed a decrease in buyer interest in fuel-efficient vehicles. While the numbers did indicate that overall fuel efficiency was still on the rise, it was also evident that buyers were opting for larger, less efficient vehicles. The FEI numbers posted for May are even more disturbing.

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