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The Oaktec rally team will continue its eco-racing efforts this year with a Honda Insight. Last year the team won its class in the UK national Formula 1000 championships. Team boss Paul Andrews is expecting a "successful" season with the Honda's weight advantage and aerodynamics. The main concern is running a 1-liter engine in a class with 1300cc vehicles. There isn't much information about the car at the Oaktec website, but Energy Efficient Motorsport is a sponsor and has a gallery.

Some of you may have noticed that despite being "green," I'm a pretty big motorsports fan, so when drivers like Fiona Leggate, Colin Turkington, Rob Collard and Jason Hughes take to the track on eco-friendly fuel, I get pretty excited. Unfortunately, the latest news on the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) circuit is that Fiona Leggate is dropping out of the 2006 season with just two races left due to budget problems.

There's a great article up on the Energy Efficiency Motorsport (EEMS) website about the use of bioethanol in racing. John Coxon, the author, delves into some history, some basic facts about bioethanol's make-up and production processes, as well as some of the difficulties faced by racers who use it.