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All right, my last post on the EDTA Conference is now on the site. From here, I have to get ready for the entirely different experience of the Alt Car Expo in Santa Monica this weekend. But, sine I spent the last few days writing about what was on display and what was said at the EDTA Conference (you can see the titles of all those stories in the links at the end of this post) I now realize that there are a few tidbits that didn't find a home anywhere else. And I'd like to share them with you he

Next week, AutoblogGreen will be attending both the Los Angeles Auto Show and the Electric Drive Transportation Association Conference & Exhibition. While we already have our eyes on certain displays and companies we want to report on, we go to these shows because of our readers and we want to make sure you get the coverage you're most interested in. But we won't know what this is unless you tell us. What have you heard in the rumor mill that piqued your interest? What do you think will be t