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EDTA Conference: how to land the fat government grants for advanced vehicle research

Sure, the government has spent a heap of money promoting hybrids and hydrogen fuel cells and other green car technologies. But it shouldn't come as a surprise to many that the federal government has a lot more to give away. One of the sessions at last week's EDTA conference was dedicated to find ways to pork out on these funds. Over 100 people came to listen to Kelly Carnes, of Techvision 21, give the skivvy on these grants,

EDTA Conference: Miles Automotive chairman previews 2007 LA Auto Show

The chairman and owner of Miles Automotive, Miles Rubin, gave a presentation at the EDTA Conference that was refreshing because it wasn't a PowerPoint slideshow. I admit those slides are a great way to show graphs and charts to a large audience, but they're also pretty boring. When Rubin got up to speak, he just launched into his and his company's reasons for being in the electric drive business.

EDTA Conference: More details on UQM's electric Silverado

The only new vehicle unveiled at the EDTA conference was the converted Silverado EV, which you probably read about on Tuesday. Since all I had to do was walk on over to the UQM booth for more information on this truck, I didn't miss my chance to learn more about how the Air Force, and now the Army, is looking to make their vehicles greener.

EDTA Conference: Government solutions for electric drive vehicles

Understanding the confluence of the electric drive industry and the U.S. government is at the heart of the EDTA Conference this week. During a working session on Wednesday, a half dozen speakers dissected ways governments of various jurisdictions (city, state and federal) can and do support electric drive vehicles. Here're the highlights.

EDTA Conference: The East Coast GM plug-in hybrid announcement

The media spotlight was on GM Chairman Rick Wagoner and the big announcement yesterday at the Los Angeles Auto Show that GM would offer a plug-in hybrid sometime in the next few years. Over at the EDTA Conference, where such an announcement would have been right at home, the news was delivered to attendees Wednesday afternoon by Pete Savagian, engineering director of GM hybrid powe

EDTA Conference: Secret effects of EESTOR ultracapacitor info from ZENN Motor CEO

At the end of the day yesterday, I snagged a few minutes with ZENN Motor Company CEO Ian Clifford by the EDTA Conference refreshments table and posed the question that Darin left in the comments when I asked what readers wanted to know more about: what's up with this secretive EESTOR ultracapacitor?

EDTA Conference: Screw the Prius. Combat hybrids are "not your mother's hybrid"

Screw the Prius. Isn't that what the image above says to you? This is the first slide in the presentation Glen Bowling, general manager of Saft America's Space and Defense Division, gave at the EDTA conference yesterday. The session he was speaking at, "Defending our Future: Preparedness and National Security" was lightly attended, but I can't say if attendees were simply not interested in the topic or if they

EDTA Conference: Tesla Motors ready to license battery tech to other companies

For the Tesla Roadster, the engineers at Tesla Motors decided to go with a batter pack made up of almost 7,000 lithium-ion cells to power the lightweight sports car. Some people approved (how can you say no to an EV that goes 0-60 in under four seconds?), and some people said the decision was a huge mistake. With about 250 Roadsters already "sold" (the car won't be available until late next year), it's obvious some people are ready to invest in this car and Tesla's Energy Storage System technolo

EDTA Conference: revisiting Altair Nanotechnologies' NanoSafe batteries, Phoenix EV Truck

On Wednesday afternoon, Dr. Alan Gotcher of Altair Nanotechnologies broke down his company's batteries. Not physically, but verbally and with Powerpoint slides. In a room full of battery experts, Gotcher explained why his company's NanoSafe batteries are the top of the line. No one got up to call him a liar when he described these greatly improved batteries, in part because most of this information has been floating about for Sebastian Blanco

EDTA Conference: kick off session is 99 percent unbelievably upbeat

EDTA president Brian Wynne officially opened this week's conference with a moment of silence for David Hermance, an engineer for Toyota who recently died while flying his plane off the coast of California. After that quiet moment, the message from Wynne and all of the other speakers at this morning's opening plenary session was up, up, upbeat.

EDTA Conference: Q&A with Argonne Lab's Don Hillebrand

On Thursday, Don Hillebrand, director of the Center for Transportation Research at Argonne National Laboratory, will give a talk at the EDTA Conference about the path to commercialization for plug-in hybrids (PHEV). But why wait until then to hear what he's got to say? You can click here and hear him now (MP3 file, 4 MB). Hillebrand met with AutoblogGreen late on Tuesday at the conference and shared his insig

UQM Technologies shows off electric chevy Silverado at EDTA Conference

At the Electric Drive Transportation Association conference in Washington, DC, UQM Technologies is showing off an all electric Chevy Silverado pickup truck. UQM develops components for alternative energy vehicles, such as brushless permanent magnet motors, generators and power electronic controllers as well as the control software to make it all work. The Silverado was built as part of a project funded by the US Air Force.

EDTA Conference 2006: Ride and Drive photos

Almost right on the steps of the Capitol building in Washington D.C. this morning, a small collection of electric vehicles sat attracting attention. A Honda FCX, a GEM, a new ZENN, GM's HydroGen-3, Hyundai's Tuscon FCEV and a few others. Joggers stopped to ask what the ranges of the fuel cell vehicles were, government officials came by to go for rides, and attendees of the 2006 Electric Drive Transportation Association Conference & Exposition lined up to take the cars out for a spin. So did

Who loves the electric car? EDTA does, and their expo starts today

As we mentioned, the Electric Drive Transportation Association Conference and Exhibition kicks off today. Before things get started, I wanted to make sure I had a good overview of what the conference is all about. Since I'm learning something, it makes sense to me to also let you know what the deal is.

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