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Tesla Model S Proves Troublesome For Consumer Reports

Driving one is fun, owning one may not be

Consumer Reports long-term test of the Tesla Model S was besieged with technical glitches and unscheduled maintenance stops.

Bugatti Veyron vs. BMW S1000 RR - Which is fastest?

Car guys insist that their four-wheeled machines are as fun as any motorcycle. The two-wheeled, leather-clad bike folks laugh at this notion, then scream off into the twisties at 9,000 rpm. The discussion can go back and forth until both parties are blue in the face. Inside Line decided it would be fun to put two powerful examples, one car and one motorcycle, to the test. These are

Edmunds compiles top ten 'Dark-Horse' list of worthy overlooked vehicles

Edmunds' Top 10 'Dark-Horse' cars – Click above for high-res image gallery

Edmunds: long-term, real-world MPG update shows you can get just 26 mpg in a Prius

The good people over at Edmunds Inside Line maintain a fleet of test vehicles for their flogging pleasure. And they've just released the latest fuel economy numbers from their real-world tests. Not surprisingly, the 2004 Toyota Prius came in first place overall averaging 41.0 miles per gallon. What is surprising is that, while the Prius was a

Edmunds.com shuts down fake websites, warns of scamming

Danger, car shoppers – no longer content to try and convince the gullible that a deposed African ruler needs help storing his millions, internet scammers are now using the Edmunds.com name and logo to try and swindle money away from car buyers. According to Edmunds, the company has already shut down two sites that were hawking a supposed Edmunds-backed escrow service. Once you handed over your hard-earned money to what was supposed to be a trusted third

Edmunds announces official rules for $1 million sudden acceleration contest

2009 Toyota Camry – Click above for high-res image gallery

Edmunds looks at Toyota Corolla, Chevy Cobalt steering complaints, calls out NHTSA

Toyota Corolla is one auto being investigated by NHTSA over steering complaints

Game On! Edmunds launches Car Stock Exchange

Automotive research site Edmunds.com has taken a cue from the popularity of fantasy sports and applied it to what the site knows best: car sales. It has created what it calls the Car Stock Exchange, or CSX – an online game where members can buy and sell stock in upcoming automobiles, which is valued based on predicting the sales of particular models in the U.S. The money used in CSX exists only in the virtual world and new members receive $1,000,000 in

Honda, Toyota most researched on Edmunds in 2007

Each month, 13 million visitors use Edmunds to research cars and trucks, and once again Honda and Toyota dominate the site's list of top searches. The Honda Civic and Accord along with the Toyota Camry lead the hit parade, followed by six other Japanese models and the BMW 3-Series. The two Japanese juggernauts also owned the top truc

Blogger fought the law and lost, but kinda won

It's nice to know that people read your blog, and it seems that this information can be learned at the oddest of times. Edmunds blogger and editor in chief, Karl Brauer, discovered that the police read his blog, and that the information written within Karl's sacred place of rambling was used against him in a court of law. Brauer was pulled over for speeding in Ventura County, and like any good scribe, he mentioned as much in his blog. Unfortunately, the officer is also a reader, and the polic

MotorcycleUSA rides the Can-Am Spyder and hosts a video. Bonus: Car and Driver, Edmunds and AMA reviews.

We have been following the release of the Can-Am Spyder since we first heard about it, and now we have an online ride review to digest. If you have any intere

When owning a hybrid begins to make cents

According to Edmunds.com, a hybrid costs between $1,200 and $7,000 more than its gas-consuming counterpart, so it comes a no surprise that people often buy hybrids for reasons other than saving money. Last February, Edmunds conducted a survey and found the top five factors were:

New General Motors pricing program working

The Detroit Free Press reports that GM's new pricing plan--less discounts but lower prices--seems to be working.