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At least the cars look different: Our editors discuss Toyota's missed opportunity

Two editors discuss Toyota's missed opportunity.

First Drive

Life... uh... finds a way

Life... uh... finds a way.

Los Angeles

The 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show had everything an enthusiast could want, from exciting electric newcomers to iconic sportscars and a brand-new sport utility pickup truck.


Taking a Jeep on a 14-week cross-country overland adventure

The Rubicon Overland Cannonball is about to start.

New York

Best in Show: Cars, trucks, concepts and more

Autoblog's editors voted on vehicles debuted at the 2018 New York Auto Show. These are our picks for best in show.


Best In Show: Recapping the top debuts from Geneva

We choose the best new vehicle debuts from the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. Our best-in-show Editors' Picks include hot luxury sedans, SUVs, and sportscars.

First Drive

But key headlining tech won't make it to the U.S. car at launch.

Come for the better styling and surprising performance, but you'll have to wait for the best tech goodies.


1998 Tacoma meets the new TRD Pro in this comparo video.

I've spent weeks getting my 1998 Tacoma into shape for this trip, but it seems like we'll be lucky to get up into the hills at all.


We pick our favorite vehicle debuts from the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. An electric car, a hot hatchback, a wagon, an SUV, and a hypercar all make the list.


For all its faults, the Pantera was wicked fast for its time.

Deep Dive

The improbable ascent of the attainable exotic.

The more things change, they say. But that flat-six is still way out back, and that's all right with us.

First Drive

It's absurdly fast and ridiculously comfortable.

So, so very fast.

Quick Spin

The Yaris iA retains a winning combination of Scion value and Mazda engineering.


Drink this and don't drive.

The mysterious origins of this suspiciously pink drink have surprisingly little to do with Detroit.

Long Term

There is definitely a replacement for displacement.

A manic nine-speed transmission doesn't help matters.


Autoblog Editors choose their top five new product reveals at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show.


The 22 most powerful cars we drove in 2016

We drove some of the most powerful vehicles ever built for public consumption in 2016.


Drew Phillips, Autoblog's ace shooter, reveals his car photo kit.

Drew Phillips, Autoblog's ace shooter, reveals his car photo kit.

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