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Byton unveiled its futuristic electric SUV concept at CES 2018

Chinese startup Byton unveiled its "new-generation smart device" EV concept at CES 2018. The electric vehicle can unlock its doors using facial recognition software, and it even detects who is driving. The Byton concept will start at $45,000 with a sedan and minivan vehicles in the following years to come. Here's our story on the Byton concept. And here's where to go for Autoblog Staff

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Electric 3-wheeler Vanderhall Edison debuts at CES 2018

Venderhall Motor Works debuted its electric trike the Edison at CES 2018. The Edison is a 3-wheeler that has a range of 200 miles on a single charge. Built by hand in Provo, Utah the two seater can has a top speed of 105 mph and a 0-60 mph time of 4 seconds. For more coverage on CES 2018 head to https://www.autoblog.com/tag/ces+2018/

Edison Destiny destined to be the next big thing?

Probably not.

A webpage has appeared for a new electric vehicle startup, but leaves few clues as to its legitimacy.

Edison2 reveals electric version of its X-Prize winning Very Light Car

On the heels of Audi unveiling its Urban Concept, Opel showing off its RAK e concept and Volkswagen pulling the sheets off its Nils concept at the Eric Loveday

Thomas Edison's 1912 electric car restored; hits the streets once again

Back in 1912, Thomas Edison, the mastermind behind the lightbulb, set out with plans to reinvent the automobile. Edison envisioned a vehicle driven by electricity, but first, the battery had to be invented. However, that presented little problem because Edison had already invented the alkaline storage battery in 1901 and spent years perfecting it before placing it in the 1912 Edison electric car. Edison built three prototype electric cars in 1912 to showcase his battery technology. In the 98 yea

Ford delivers first plug-in hybrid to California South Edison

Ford announced that a Ford Escape plug-in hybrid, able to reach 120 mpg (yes, that's what they say) has already been delivered to utility company California South Edison as "part of unique partnership to advance commercialization of PHEVs." It's the first of a series of 20 vehicles which will conduct a long-term road test.

New study from electric utilities touts PHEV benefits

The Electric Power Research Institute and the Natural Resources Defense Council have done a new study on plug-in hybrids and as you might expect they have found them to be a good thing. The study looked at what happens to the environment when emissions are moved from individual vehicles to power plant smokestacks if there was widespread adoption of plug-in hyb