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For a vehicle that isn't for sale, Ford's sure getting a lot of mileage out of the HySeries Edge. As we mentioned last week, the car is spending some time up in Canada, and the Canadian press is enjoying a bit of face time with the hydrogen-loving prototype. Mujeeb Ijaz, Ford's manager of fuel-cell vehicle engineering, is giving interviews where he says that consumers will eventually flock to hydrogen vehicles because they give the same performance as today's vehicles, but until hydrogen is a re

Following the unveiling of the Airstream concept at the just concluded Detroit Auto Show, a Ford spokesman informed me that the drive-train of the concept had already been tested in an Edge, and promised me a drive. Unfortunately, the first opportunity popped up last week just before they shipped the vehicle to Washington for the DC Auto Show, and I couldn't fit it into my schedule. However, once they unloaded it in DC, George Achorn spotted it giving rides to some Washington luminaries ahead of