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Crashed Enzo lives! Loverman gets to go for a ride

Given the relative scarcity of cars like the Ferrari Enzo (349 production units built, an indeterminate number destroyed), you're unlikely to encounter one. On those rare occasions when such a thing does happen it seems even less likely that said owner will say, "Hey, wanna go for a ride?" Given the improbability of such events, it seems even more bizarre that our friend Jonny Lieberman found himself in such a situation this past weekend at the inaugural 24 Hours of LeMons in Houston, TX.

VIDEO: Eddie Griffin interviewed after Enzo-icide

Looks like Eddie Griffin hasn't been coached well enough by the PR people for his film Redline. Griffin missed an obvious opportunity to use the movie's tagline, "Fear Nothing. Risk Everything" to explain why he crashed a Ferrari Enzo during a charity event to promote the movie. Instead, he answers inquiries as to what happened with, "The brother can't drive." Nice. See the interview in its entirety here.

VIDEO: Comedian/Actor Eddie Griffin takes out another Enzo

Another Enzo has met its unfortunate end, this time at the hands of actor Eddie Griffin. It seems that the star of several Oscar-worthy performances in Deuce Bigalow, Norbit and the unforgettable House Party 3, was practicing for a charity event to promote his new flick Redline, when he understeered Enzo's namesake into a Jersey barrier at speed.

Redline plays Fast and Furious with exotics

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