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Automobile magazine took Volkswagen's EcoRacer for a spin on the Pau Arnos circuit in the south of France. The EcoRacer demonstrates how car enthusiasts could have their cake and eat it too. Normally, sports cars are not diesel powered, and don't get 80 mpg, but the EcoRacer proves the combination can be a lot of fun. The engine showcases an upcoming common rail diesel engine due in 2007, with a displacement of 1.5-liters. The four-cylinder engine is turbocharged and features direct-injection an

One of the things we missed about VW’s EcoRacer when it debuted at the 39th Annual Tokyo Motor Show was a little piece of technology living on top of its gearshift. Beneath a flip-up panel on the head of the stick lies a biometric scanner that can identify the fingerprint of whoever is driving the car. If, for instance, your overzealous offspring swipe the keys to your brand new EcoRacer, the car could recognize that the driver is not its owner and go into a special mode that activates all