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Mercedes not only builds cars, but it's one of the most important freight truck manufacturers. Next month, there's a road transport Exhibition in Hannover, Germany, and the Stuttgart-based company is introducing a new concept hybrid truck: the Mercedes Econic NGT Hybrid (non-hybrid standard version pictured above). The hybrid truck uses natural gas (CNG) as fuel as well as an electric engine. According to Mercedes, the estimated savings in fuel costs are estimated at 60 percent, both for the low

Mercedes-Benz is taking more positive action to reach its goal of nixing the use of petroleum by 2015. The company has announced they have expanded their Mannheim operations to increase the range of models with the iconic three-pointed star on the front of their hoods and natural gas engines underneath them. Their natural gas program, which has focused mainly on commercial vehicles since its inception in 1994, will no longer be nick-named KEN, and will now go by the acronym-less title of "Merced

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