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This year, the famous Dakar Rally has moved to South America because of security issues in its previous home in Africa. The race usually showcases the latest in all-road racing technology - diesel vehicles are doing well this year - but there's also the question of what is the real environmental impact of the race. One of Spain's most important environmental groups, Ecologistas en Acción, has asked the Rally to be finished early because of the environmental damage that more than 800 all-t

Yes, we know that Ecologistas en Acción (EeA), a Spanish environmentalist group hasn't discovered the wheel, but has decided to publish a long report (40 pages in pdf format, in Spanish) in which they relate how bad wheels (in certain cases) are for the environment. The truth is that Europeans are buying more and more SUVs, and Spaniards are some of the biggest sinners.

Several Environmental organisations in Europe have launched a campaign to request that the European Commission to implement tougher CO2 emission limits on vehicles. According to their sources, road transport accounts for 25 percent of European emissions and in countries like Spain, it reaches 40 percent. While newer cars pollute less than older models, they're also heavier. Add the fact that Europeans are driving more and more and the result is that emissions increase every year.