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Renault and Key Driving Competences to expand ecodriving training

Renault Environment is partnering with a Belgian driver training company to expand the availability of a program targeted at teaching ecodriving. Renault Environment is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the automaker that focuses on helping other green businesses expand their reach.

Who knew? May is National EcoDriving Month

I doubt that the Auto Alliance got official sanctioning for this (where would you go, Congress?) but May has been declared "National EcoDriving Month." That means that the Alliance and their EcoDrivingUSA program are out "encouraging all drivers to take simple steps to improve their fuel efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint." The main message of the month is that anyone, from you and me to the Alliance's racing partner, Indy Goes Green, sponsor

Thanks, team! AutoblogGreen takes fifth in EcoDriving challenge

Need a quick little something to do during your lunch break? The EcoDriving game from the Auto Alliance has been up since September and AutoblogGreen readers have managed to - as a team - come in fifth place in the overall rankings. To mark our/your ecodriving skills, the Auto Allliance has paid to offset the carbon emissions of an "average sized car" for a year in our name. Thanks, y'a

Ford offering free ecodriving courses during Frankfurt International Motorshow

If you're planning to visit the Frankfurt Int'l Motorshow you can visit Ford's stand on EcoDriving. The American brand with a site in Cologne is offering a taste of their latest courses in ecological driving. Ford claims that with simple tips, a driver can save up to 500 kg of CO2 per year. Placed in German numbers, if every German driver followed these tips, they could save up to 25 million tons of CO2, which is what 10 million people pollute for heating and hot water. If you want the figures i