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Renault and Key Driving Competences to expand ecodriving training

Renault Environment is partnering with a Belgian driver training company to expand the availability of a program targeted at teaching ecodriving. Renault Environment is actually a wholly owned subsidiary of the automaker that focuses on helping other green businesses expand their reach.

Fiat's eco:Drive wins award for defining new car-driver relationship

Click above for a high-res gallery of Jodie Kidd with the Fiat eco:Drive

Fiat eco:drive wins digital technology prize in UK

Fiat has earned some recognition for its new eco:Drive system that debuted last fall at the Paris Motor Show. During the recent MediaGuardian Innovation Awards in London, eco:Drive won the top prize for digital technology. The eco:Drive system allows the driver to plug a USB flash drive into the car so that driving data can be automatically downloaded. The driver can then plug in

Fiat: eco:Drive has saved 163,000kg of CO2 so far

We were introduced to Fiat's eco:Drive system during the Paris Motor Show in October. If you don't remember, no worries. Here's a refresher: eco:Drive uses a USB stick that fits in certain Fiat model dashboards and records information on how you're driving. This information is then fed into your computes, which looks at areas where you could have made a greener driving choice. The

New Fiats to teach you to drive more efficiently using eco:Drive

We've seen various schemes by manufacturers to get drivers to operate their vehicles more efficiently. Nissan has a pedal that pushes back at you and many manufacturers are now putting eco-gauges inside their cars. Real-time mile per gallon indicators have proven useful to many drivers as well. Fiat is looking to do even better, using the processing power of your personal computer to analyze your driving habits. Using Fiat's Blue&Me technology, a USB drive is used to download your past drivi

Miyama, Inc. reduces its CO2 emissions by 21 percent

Japanese company Miyama Inc. has announced that they have reached 21.2 percent reduction in CO2 emissions from its truck fleet. This is very close to the company's target of 23 percent reduction by 2010 compared to its 2001 levels. The company says that the annual reduction of 1,869 metric tons was the result of improved environmental awareness among its 163 distribution drivers, as well as its unique eco-driving navigation system. Althoug

Frankfurt 2007: Fiat and Microsoft announce EcoDrive datalogging system

In 2006, Fiat and Microsoft announced a system called Blue&Me which seems very similar to the Ford/Microsoft Sync system for Bluetooth and USB connectivity to various entertainment and communication devices. At the Frankfurt Motor show this week, Fiat announced a new addition to the system called EcoDrive. The system provides complete data logging of parameters that affect CO2 emissions and fuel consumption fo

Canadian electric scooters unveiled

Vespa's now got some competition in the cool scooter sector. Ecodrive Technology Group Inc. announced Saturday that the Canadian company will release the world's "first commercially available electric motorcycles and scooters to be powered by advanced Polymer Lithium-Ion (PLI) batteries". That's how the company's press release puts it. Their website's main page says, instead, that, they are the "first all elec