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AutoblogGreen already covered the Europe-to-Mongolia Rally but since these guys will be running on Straight Vegetable Oil in the (sort of) competition, we and our colleagues at Autoblog en Español decided to get an interview with them. We talked about the movie they'll be making and just how they'll find their way without knowing a single word of most languages in the counties they'll be driving through.

Two Spanish youngsters will try to reach Ulan Bator (Mongolia) driving a car only powered with Straight Vegetable Oil (SVO). Their plan is to fill up the tank at restaurants and supermarkets they'll find on their route. The car will participate in the Mongolian rally, a charity race that will start in Madrid (Spain) on July the 20th and will cross half of Europe, then Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistand, Kazakhstan (among others) until their arrival in Mongolia.