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Back in 2007, Renault introduced its Eco2 line, a branding system to identify the cleanest vehicles in the company's line-up. Back then, these were the rules that the Eco2 vehicles had to follow:

A panel van able to carry an euro-sized pallet a distance of 100 kilometers while burning less than 5 liters of diesel has arrived: the Renault Kangoo Rapid ECO2. The model, the larger sibling of the Kangoo Express Compact (the model that the all-electric Z.E. is based on), received the standard "green label" treatment that many other models go through in Europe: low-rolling resistance tires, aerodynamic improvements and low-friction engine oil. All this works together to create a van that is ab

Like many other automakers in Europe, Nissan has created a special marketing badge to identify the least polluting vehicles across its range which will be used both in Europe and Japan. The chosen name is Pure Drive, which I think is one of the least imaginative on the market. Sibling company Renault's ECO2 label is more fun, as is its TV spot. As we have mentioned here, the "green label" is usually applied to a company's least powerful models that also have higher gear ratios, low-rolling resis

Click image for high-res gallery of the Renault Kangoo Be Bop

Renault is really serious about promoting its ECO² label (besides the funny ad). We can arguably say that the ECO² models are just the base versions with minor tweaks to reduce CO2 emissions, but the truth is that the French marque is betting hard on reducing those emissions.

Around the beginning of October, Renault announced it would enter a Logan Renault eco² concept vehicle in the Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai. That event is now taking place and the decent-looking Logan released an amazingly low amount of CO2 into the air as it drove the 172.2km route: just 71 grams per kilometer. To cover the distance (a little over 106 miles), the Logan used 4.69 liters of biodiesel (B30). Emissions were not the only thing tested in Shanghai, as an acceleration test, a sla

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