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Everyday we seem to encounter new green claims. Some of these come from actual independent, proven testing methods such as the Energy Star labels (well...) while others are merely thrown out there to wow us like 230 miles per gallon equivalent ratings. Slap a green sticker here or an eco-friendly label there and stuff sells. If you've ever questioned some of the labeling claims or wondered what they really mean, you're definitely not alone.

There's a French competitor for the all-new Opel Insignia EcoFlex. Citroën has unveiled a new version of its C5 sedan, spotting the marque's Airdream ecolabel. The C5 Airdream has the proven PSA 1.6-liter 110hp engine, which seems a little small for such a hefty vehicle, but manages to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emission figures to keep them under 140 g/km. In France, this model qualifies for discounted taxes for businesses that use cleaner vehicles as company cars. The C5 Airdream spo

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