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Well let's start with the technical stuff before we laugh about the styling.... I'm sorry, I can't wait. It looks like the 2008 Car of the Year for GayWheels.com. Did you ever see the Ambiguously Gay Duo? They put their car into production! Okay, that'll do me for the moment. The American Roadster is powered by a compressed natural gas (CNG) engine that achieves 70 mpg. That's all I've got - no horsepower or performance figures, but at least we know at first glance it's rear-drive. Burning CNG,

Officials from Eco-Fueler told AutoblogGreen at the LA Auto Show that the company's CNG-powered American Roadster 3-wheeler is now in production and the first units will be delivered to customers in mid-January. The production facility is in Eugene, Oregon, and more than 700 pre-orders have been accepted by Eco-Fueler. While the American Roadster has been marketed as a vehicle that runs on compressed natural gas, it can easily burn hydrogen. "In reality, this is the first production hydrogen veh

John Green wants to sell the Eco-Fueler American Roadster for under $20,000. So far Green and his partners have 350 orders for the 3-wheeler motorcycle designed as a roadster with a removable top.