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Nissan's ECO Pedal system, launched on the Fuga back in 2009, is the first technology of its type to assist drivers in saving fuel. When activated, the system counteracts the driver's urge to push down on the accelerator pedal. Basically, as a driver attempts to floor it, the ECO Pedal responds by pushing back; a less-than-subtle way of getting the driver to not stomp on the gas. Studies have shown that the ECO Pedal system alters one's driving style, contributing to a five to ten percent increa

Electronic nannies are all the rage these days, with many cars being equipped with lane-departure warning, adaptive cruise control and more. Nissan's got a new one in the works, though, that really seems rather intrusive: the ECO Pedal. Did the simple gas pedal really need to be tweaked? The pedal is programmed to push back at your foot when its computer decides you don't really need to accelerate as fast as you want. Nissan hopes that the pedal will teach overzealous drivers how to drive more e