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AC Propulsion, a global company involved in electric drive design, development and manufacturing, has delivered a battery-powered eBox to the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) for tests that evaluate vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technologies. The research aims to advance the integration of electric vehicles with Denmark's grid.

A few years ago, a video of Tom Hanks excitedly talking up his electric Scion xB (aka eBox, which he got first) made the rounds. All Hanks' Hollywood money means that he can drive and be excited about not just one, but multiple electric cars. Hanks recently went on the record to discuss his EV fandom as he cleared up a mistake in a New Yorker article. Writer Peter Boyer apparently mistakenly wrote that Hanks once owned an EV1. Hanks, who stars in the new movie Angels & Demons that opens this

Tom Hanks' Myspace video of his electric car is getting a lot of press. The video even made it into VH1's Best Week Ever TV show. While Best Week was not kind to Tom being on Myspace (they said he swung a miss and should stick to movies), the video is getting lots of views. As I write this, Tom's electric car video page says it has been niewed 51,839 times. Hopefully, if Tom does Letterman for his new movie Charlie Wilson's War, he might mention his new electric car.

Recently, I posted a Myspace video of Tom Hank driving his eBox, a Scion xB converted to run on electricity. That video is no longer working but I found Tom Hanks' MySpace page with the video, so now you can watch it below the fold. Tom also has a video introducing his MySpace page and a trailer for his newest movie, Charlie Wilson's War, which opens December.

We gave you a first look at the AC Propulsion eBox from the Alt-Car Expo in Santa Monica last December, now we just got news that the first one has been picked up by Tom Hanks. As a refresher, the eBox is a conversion by AC Propulsion costing $55,000 not including tax or the Scion XB that is required. The vehicle uses an AC motor driving the front wheels, and uses 625 pounds of lithium-ion batteries that enable the vehicle to run for 140-180 miles between charges. The top speed of the vehicle is

Although a bit pricey, the eBox has an advantage over other electric cars expected to compete in this category: Toyota reputation. The eBox is a Scion xB converted to run on electricity by AC Propulsion. Therefore it has all the amenities offered by Scion and enjoys the reputation of quality and durability from Toyota. Other electric cars coming to market in the $50,000 price range are based on less-known platforms.