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Honda recently announced that it would begin leasing its EV-neo electric scooter in Japan beginning in December 2010. Initially available mainly to delivery businesses, the EV-neo will not, unfortunately, be offered in the United States. Despite their popularity around the world, ebikes and escooters like the EV-neo have yet to make many inroads in the U.S. But why not?

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Yamaha certainly has plenty of experience making sporty two-wheeled vehicles, as riders of the firm's R6 and R1 sportbikes can certainly attest. Now, though, it seems that the Tuning Fork company has decided to branch out into human power, specifically with a new hybrid bicycle. What makes this particular machine, knows as the PAS Brace, particularly interesting is how it manages the electrical assistance. First, an eight speed rear hub is used and allows shifting at any time, even from a dead s

We've gazed at OHM's line of electric bikes already this year, and now we find a review by an automotive writer for The Wall Street Journal. David Patton tested the entry-level machine from the company, known as the XU450. The 450 stands for Watts, which the electric motor is able to deliver for short bursts. The rear hub-mounted motor can sustain a constant 250 Watts and the lithium battery is good for up to seventy miles, depending on how much pedaling the rider is willing to endure. Interesti