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The Electrobike Pi: pretty cool and really expensive

Let me get this fact off my chest before I write anything else: this thing is flippin' expensive! Alright, now that we're through with that, let's analyze this electric bike, known as Pi. The frame is an aluminum monocoque, meaning that it is a single piece made up of metal which is all a similar thickness. Moving on to the electrics, the batteries are nickel metal hydride, not the better-but-pricier lithium ion.

Green Options teaches you how to ride your bike to work

It's no secret that we like bikes around here. In fact, some of us AutoblogGreen bloggers have been known to ride to work now and then. Being that we've done it ourselves before, we can heartily recommend to you readers that you should give it a try. Especially with the invention of the electrically assisted bikes that are becoming commonplace, riding to work can save you time and make you feel better, not to men

Can you settle for two wheels?

The strange, peculiar bike-looking thing you see above, will outsell by three times even the most optimistic sales projections of cars in China this year. It in fact accounts for a third of all electric vehicle sales. Yes, the electric bike has rapidly become one of the most popular modes of transportation in China in the past few years.

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