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And the battle goes on. Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and his company are fighting back in court against ex-CEO Martin Eberhard. Tesla spokeswoman Rachel Konrad sent us copies of two motions filed on June 29 in California Superior Court in San Mateo. In short, the defendants are claiming that Eberhard's claims are utterly baseless. Tesla is proclaiming that Eberhard's action is a SLAPP suit (SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) and is an attempt to intimidate and silence

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AutoblogGreen interviewed Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard for AutoblogGreen Podcast #1. We covered what's happening with testing of the Roadster, development and manufacturing of the WhiteStar sedan and more. This is a transcript of that interview.

NBC's affiliate in New York came to California to examine electric cars for a 2-part series, and a visit to Tesla Motors was in order. In addition to picking out a few seconds of quotes for the second part, the station is offering the entire 17-minute interview with Tesla CEO Martin Eberhard for your viewing pleasure. Anchor Chuck Scarborough asked Eberhard political as well as environmental and technical questions. The quote I liked best was used in the first of the two reports that offers an o

Over at the official Tesla Blog today, CEO Martin Eberhard gives his impression's of last night's State of the Union address including a reference to Bush's mention of "Nucular" energy. Eberhard makes a point about not commenting on anything other than the energy part of the speech, but it's clear from his tone, that he is not a fan of the current administration. He acknowledged that at last Bush actually uttered the words, "Global Climate Change", but seemed unimpressed by the rest. As expected