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Earth Day: How much energy would the U.S. save if ten percent of the population switched to hybrids

We here at AutoblogGreen are big on technology that can lower environmental impact. Hybrids are widely touted as one way of doing that although some are much better at it than others. With over a million of the most popular hybrid, the iconic Prius, being sold there must be a

NHTSA announces new CAFE standards through 2015

Last December, President Bush signed a new energy bill into law that requires automakers to achieve a Corporate Average Fuel Economy standard of 35 mpg by 2020. This historic stiffening of CAFE standards set a lofty goal, but left plenty of time to get there and new standards of any kind won't begin until the 2011 model year. Today, John Neff

First round of CAFE targets to be announced on Earth Day

The Bush camp hasn't exactly been extolled for its green virtue over the past seven years, but the administration is trying to make up for lost time by announcing 2011-2015 CAFE targets on Earth Day. Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters is scheduled to announce the targets, which are expected to be differentiated by vehicle size, by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Automakers already know they have to get to Chris Shunk

Need something to do on Earth Day? Check with the Earth Day Network.

In case you haven't noticed yet, we are focusing our blogging today on Earth Day. That would be today, if you weren't aware. Anyway, did you know that Earth Day has it's very own dedicated network? If not, you should definitely check it out. There is a message board, ideas on what to do for Earth Day, organizations that are doing their part and news related to April 22nd.

Sure, it's Earth Day, but what else do you know about April 22?

Here's a list of dozens of things that happened on April 22 in past year that (mostly) bear no relation to Earth Day. It was the 19th recorded perihelion passage of Halley's Comet in 1145, for example, and the Senate Army-McCarthy televised hearings began in 1954. Wikipedia's list

General Motors observes Earth Day 2006

The world's largest automotive company is celebrating Earth Day with a barrage of activities across the U.S.

Earth Day, every day: Autoblog announces eco-friendly spinoff, AutoblogGreen

As the song goes, "Blues had a baby, and the called it rock n' roll." Well, Autoblog has just birthed its first spinoff, and we're calling it AutoblogGreen.

Honda to build diesels in the UK

In order to support high demand for diesel vehicles in Europe, Honda Motor Co. Ltd. has announced that it will start building oil-burning engines at its plant in Britain. Currently, its UK plant gets diesel powerplants from Japan, and will initially get the parts for the engines from Japan. Ultimately, however, the company plans to produce the parts in Blighty and assemble 20,000-30,000 engines annually.

Washington state signs ethanol requirement

Last month, Washington became the fourth state to join the growing ethanol wave. Governor Christine Gregoire signed the bill, which states that two percent of the state's diesel and gasoline must come from biodiesel or ethanol by the end of 2008. Other parts of the bill require state agency purchases to include a minimum of 20 percent biodiesel.

Poll shows over fifty percent of America interested in hybrids

Gallup conducted a poll last month checking the pulse of automotive consumers, and how their buying attitudes are changing in light of America's increasing gas prices. According to the poll, fully 57 percent of the 1001 responders now state that they would consider purchasing a hybrid as their next vehicle. Those among the younger and middle-age were reportedly more interested than seniors, and would-be consumers with higher incomes looked upon hybrids with more favor than those i

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