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Forbes is digging deep into Earth Biofuels, the company that brought BioWillie to the market. According to a story in the latest issue, Earth missed a deadline for finding $80 million in financing to restart an ethanol plant. Based on financial reports, the company had just under $42,000 in cash last September. But that's not all that concerns Forbes. CEO Dennis G. McLaughlin III apparently hasn't been disclosing his "colorful background" that includes lawsuits and a company bankruptcy. Forbes a

Until now, if you knew the name Earth Biofuels, you probably spent a lot of time reading about WVO and cars that smell like french fries. Well, the company wants to change this, it wants to be a player. To this end, the company will soon start buying retail service stations to sell Earth Biofuels (ethanol and BioWillie-branded biodiesel) and standard dinofuels. With E85 and any type of biodiesel pretty hard to find in many parts of the United States, the American Earth Fuels stations (as they'll

This post is for those of you who are really interested in the biodiesel industry. The news itself - that Earth Biofuels will invest five million dollars into a new company called Biodieesl Investment Group - is simple. But behind the news is a lot of biofuel industry heavy hitters. For example, Earth Biofuels is the company that produces BioWillie. Also, the Biodiesel Investment Group will work with Bunge North America to build the largest biodiesel production plant in Illinois in the city of D