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REPORT: Chrysler again offering early retirement to 23k hourly workers

The Detroit Free Press is reporting that Chrysler is again offering early retirement packages in an effort to entice some of its 23,000 hourly employees to hit the road. The buyout packages are the first offered by post-bankruptcy Chrysler, though the terms of the buyouts are very similar to earlier offerings. The Freep is reporting that all workers with at least one year of service can walk away from their current job and receive $75,000 plus a $25,000 voucher. Those who wish to partic

GM offers early retirement to 9,000 white collar workers

As part of the ongoing numbers game between the Detroit 3, their workers and the UAW, General Motors has plans to offer more early retirement packages to some 9,000 of its white collar (non-unionized and salaried, that is) workers. For those who like to keep track of such things, that number represents about a third of the 27,000 white-collar, non-union workers who call the General their employer. If GM gets its wish

Ford to shed another 9,000 plant jobs

Over 2006 and 2007, Ford lost $15.3 billion. Over that same time and in light of those losses, the company also shed 33,600 union workers through buyouts and early retirement. Still working through the uphill part of the turnaround, Ford has announced it wants to eliminate another 8,000 to 9,000 factory jobs through buyouts.

BREAKING: Chrysler Group reveals details of union worker buyouts

This afternoon the Chrysler Group and the UAW released a statement revealing details of the early retirement and separation programs that will help the automaker reach its goal of shedding 13,000 jobs. Two-thousand jobs being eliminated are salaried positions, and we brought you details on those early retirement and buyout packages last week. Today's announcement affects the 11,000 h