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Système U, a chain of gas stations in France, has decided to stop delivering E85 at the 22 pumps where it was on sale. According to the company's press release, "This biofuel has not found its public. The French adhesion is just not there." Système U comprises more than 900 shops in France, 600 of which have gas pumps.

That didn't take long. We've just discussed what the news that Underwriters Laboratories would certify ethanol/E85 pumps might mean, now we already have official word that such certification has been established. UL announced yesterday that safety requirements for E85 fuel dispensing equipment have been set up, and you're all now more than welcome to submit equipment for certification.

Sure, corn farmers and ethanol producers are very keen to see that you always have E85 available to you when you go to fill up your car. 2008 just might be the year when we do stop noticing E85 pumps because they will be everywhere. Next year's possible E85 explosion will not only come from a large supply of ethanol, but because of new pumps (this is something we've mentioned before).