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This is not about poisoning the human population before we irretrievably damage the atmosphere. One of the holy grails right now in developing renewable fuels is enzymes, because they can be used to help process materials from one form into another. Enzymes are being used to break down cellulose into individual sugar molecules that can then be easily fermented in to ethanol. Another potential application of enzymes is in carbon sequestration. The idea of grabbing carbon dioxide from an exhaust s

While some research at MIT focuses on improving the amount of fossil fuel that can be extracted from an oil well, others are trying to improve the efficiency of biofuel production. To make biofuels more economically viable, a group of researchers led by MIT’s Gregory Stephanopoulos is trying to improve the productivity of the microbes that convert treated biomass into ethanol. The bacteria are being modified so they can continuously convert sugar into ethanol. Standard bacteria or yeast us