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Like Rhodia, another name that is new to the AutoblogGreen pages is IAV, a global auto industry player that has been operating in North America since 1998. IAV's president, Utz Beister sat down with AutoblogGreen for a few minutes to talk about where the company is today and how they're helping the OEMs calibrate new powerplants to get the most efficient engines possible into new vehicles. IAV's main business in Michigan is to test various engines in their dynometers. With the industry moving to

Last month, Automobile Mag generated some chassis dyno numbers with a turbocharged BMW 335i coupe that were a bit healthier than one would suspect, given the factory's rating of 300 HP at the crankshaft. In a follow-up, they're now stating that the 275 rear-wheel horsepower number that was reported was actually the lowest of four pulls; one even generated 283 ponies. And all of this was with 92 F ambient temps - the sort of air that usually kills the output of boosted engines.