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There are plenty of dynamometers in the world which are capable of helping tuners get the most from their engines. There aren't very many that allow the same type of tuning for hybrids, though. Hybrid drivetrains can be very complex pieces, featuring both the internal combustion engine of a normal passenger car and the motor, controller and batteries of an electric vehicle. To get the most out of each independent system, testing is becoming increasingly important.

It was only a matter of time before the first consumer-owned Nissan GT-R in the U.S. made its way onto a set of dyno rollers. Edmunds Inside Line made the call to Harman Motive, Road Race Engineering (RRE) and Daryl Alison of JSpec Connect to organize a day of data collecting recently for the import from Japan. Harman and RRE happen to each house all-wheel-drive-capable dynos, with a Mustang and Dynapack, respectively. The two units were chosen because they each utilize different means of measur