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U.S. lawmakers want to block drunk driving through technology

NHTSA says 7,000 lives could be saved annually by preventing drunk driving

Two U.S. senators on Wednesday plan to introduce legislation that would require automakers to install technology to prevent intoxicated drivers from starting a vehicle by the middle of the next decade. For more than 10 years, major automakers and the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) have been researching technology solutions to prevent impaired driving crashes. In 2017, 10,847 people were killed in crashes on U.S. roads involving an intoxicated driver, with costs to

Study: Teens don't think texting while driving is as dangerous as DUI

Despite plenty of academic research demonstrating that texting while driving can be just as dangerous as drinking and driving, a new poll shows that most teens simply don't think that's the case. State Farm recently sponsored a poll conducted by Harris Interactive in which 14-to-17 year-olds were asked whether they thought they would die one day if they regularly text and drive. Only 35 percent of those asked strongly agreed with that state

REPORT: Police auctioning off motorized La-Z-Boy used in DWI

If you've ever had the urge to cruise your neighborhood in a self-propelled La-Z-Boy, your opportunity has arrived. Minnesota resident Dennis Anderson (no relation to the Gravedigger monster truck franchise – we think) has forfeited his notorious motorized, and over-the-top modified, recliner chair involved in his DWI incident and crash recently is going on the eBay auction block l

Dude busted for DUI while driving motorized cooler

Police in Whitehall, NY cold-busted an inebriated motorist over the Memorial Day weekend for swerving around in the middle of the street and weaving onto area sidewalks. That happened plenty of times over Memorial Day weekend, but what makes this story interesting is the fact that the driver was piloting an electrically powered cooler. Under New York state law, driving any motorized vehicle must be done sans alcohol, and that means anything from cars and boats to motorized coolers falls under th

The Ultimate Driving Under the Influence Machine - a 14-mph Electric Cooler!

If you want to be kind to the environment at your next social, look no further than Hammacher Schlemmer's 14 mph ridable cooler. Able to carry 24 12 oz. cans of cheap beer soda pop and 8 lbs. of ice, plus as much as 300 lbs. of you for a maximum range of 15 miles, perfect for a couple round trips from the dorms to the party house to the community picnic or block party. It is also equipped

America falls behind on road safety

Sounds like great news, right? It's not if you consider that over the same period, America, which was rated as having the safest roads in the world during the '70s, has since fallen behind countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the U.K., the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, according to research conducted by Leonard Evans for a new book on traffic safety.