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Audi S3 and S3 Sportback get S tronic dual-clutch trannies

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Porsche PDK can turn off front-wheel-drive in Carrera 4

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Financing lawsuit threatens Chrysler-Getrag dual clutch transmissions

The current credit crisis could be playing further havoc with Chrysler's future powertrain product plans. In the first half of 2007, Chrysler announced investment plans to build two new engine plants and a transmission plant for 2010 model cars. The transmission facility was to be a joint venture with Getrag to build fuel saving dual clutch transmissions. Chrysler already offers German-built Getrag DCTs in the European specification Journey and Sebring. Unfortunately Getrag's apparent inability

Porsche adds direct injection and dual clutch gearbox to 911

While Porsche has made it abundantly clear that they have no concerns about trying to meet new corporate average fuel economy standards in the U.S. in the coming decade, that doesn't mean that aren't doing anything to improve the fuel consumption of their cars. Relative to their performance, Porsche cars have always comparatively efficient anyway, with the current 2008 Carrera 2 coupe be being rated at 18mpg city/26

2009 Dodge Avenger and Chrysler Sebring join Journey in offering dual-clutch overseas

We knew already that the 2009 Dodge Journey would be receiving a dual-clutch transmission for overseas markets, but Chrysler has just announced that the '09 Dodge Avenger and 2009 Chrysler Sebring will also offer the tranny. Mated to a 2.0 liter diesel engine, both fuel economy and CO2 emissions will improve by about six-percent. Chrysler's dual-clutch transmission is j

Porsche 911 update includes 100% more awesome: Direct-injection, dual-clutch gearbox

While we like to chide the Stuttgart crew for "updates" to its 911 range, this newest one actually has some serious substance underneath the tweaked sheet metal. In addition to the revised headlamp and taillight design, CAR is reporting that Porsche will upgrade both the 3.6- and 3.8-liter flat-six boxers with direct-injection. The technology, first employed by Porsche on the 2007 Cayenne, boosted horsepower and torque by around 10- to 15-percent in the SUV, and we hope that similar gains can be

Fiat preparing Dual Dry Clutch transmission

Dual-clutch transmissions are emerging as the latest trend in automotive gearboxes, and the Italians aren't about to miss out on the newest fashion. Fiat announced earlier today a new family of six-speed transmissions, called C635, that will premiere as a manual in June 2009, followed by a dual-clutch version in September 2009 before the automated manual comes out in 2010.

Getting greasy with BMW's M Dual Clutch transmission

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Let's get cracking! Cerberus green-lights a slew of Pentastar projects

Cerberus isn't wasting any time teaching its new elephant to tapdance. Just days after closing the deal, taking over Chrysler and bringing Robert Nardelli on board, Cerberus has earmarked $3 billion for new powertrain facilities, indicating some level of its desire to steward the brand back to strength. Work has started on three engine plants that will build a new family of V6 engines incorporating the fuel-saving multi-displacement system. Ground has also been broken on a transmission plant tha

M3, meet DSG: BMW M3 gets 7-speed double clutch 'box

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Update on Ford's aspiration for a dual-clutch transmission

It looks like the dual-clutch preselector transmission is emerging as the leader in automated manuals. Volkswagen's DSG has been around a while and offers fewer compromises than less purpose-built manuals. Ford's champing at the bit to get their own trick DSG-like transmission into production, and it looks like we'll see such a unit drop soon with the PowerShift moniker. Gearbox maker Getrag has several diffe

420 HP, DSG-equipped M3 Concept coming to Geneva?

Over the past three or four days, there have been a lot of rumors running through the tubes of the interwebs about BMW's surprise unveiling of a concept version of the M3 uber-coupe during next week's Geneva motor show. We had been holding off on posting anything about it, but thought that if it does come to fruition, you might like to know in advance.

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