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BYD Hybrids on sale earlier than expected?

Not long ago we spoke about Chinese manufacturer BYD putting hybrid and electric cars on sale. The chosen model was the F6 but things have changed. According to China Car Times, the new chosen model is the smaller F3 - and it will go on sale earlier than expected. Therefore, the F3DM (Dual Mode) plug-in hybrid is expected to be on sale before the end of this year. The F3DM uses proprietary batteries which use lithium-i

Caddy considers adding hybrids to the mix

The combination of high gas prices and a sales slowdown at Cadillac have caused the heads of GM's luxury division to consider adding a hybrid to the mix. During an interview with the Detroit News, John Howell, Caddy's head product honcho was quoted as saying that, "Pretty much every program I am looking at going forward has got a hybrid as part of it."

Zytech creates first Smart diesel hybrid

British automotive engineering consultancy Zytech, who have been making headlines this year for providing the electric drivetrain that will run the DaimlerChrysler SMART EV, have announced a dual-mode diesel hybrid. Billed as the world's first affordable diesel hybrid drivetrain, the low-cost high-efficiency dual-mode system has been built into a DaimlerChrysler SMART 1.5 lit