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BorgWarner has just opened up a second plant at their facility in Amstadt, Germany to produce dual clutch transmission modules. BorgWarner and other suppliers like Getrag have been experiencing huge growth in demand for dual clutch transmissions as demand for increased fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions drives adoption. BorgWarner is the supplier of dual clutch systems to Volkswagen Group for their DSG transmissions. VW recently sold their one millionth DSG-equipped vehicle. By the time a

With internal combustion engines set to continue playing a major role in automotive drivetrains for some time to come, technologies that can help improve efficiency are growing in demand. Two of the most popular at the moment are turbochargers and dual clutch transmissions (DCT). Both are seen as means to achieve significant improvements in efficiency at much lower cost than alternatives like hybrids. One of the chief suppliers of both of these components is BorgWarner.

Fiat is joining the race to dual clutch gearboxes with a range of new transmissions that will be debuting in June 2009. The lineup of six-speed gearboxes will kick off with a manual transmission followed by a dual clutch unit in September of 2009. In 2010 they will round out the range with an automated manual version.

Dual clutch transmissions are all the rage these days because they combine the mechanical efficiency of a manual transmission with the ability of automatic transmissions to self-shift. Volkswagen was the first to introduce them to production cars under the DSG name a few years ago. Now they are starting to appear in vehicles from other manufacturers such as Volvo, Ford and Mitsubishi. Earlier this year, Chrysler announced they were building a joint venture transmission plant to build DCTs with G

Along with seemingly every other automaker in the European market, Volvo is set to expand the special branding that indicates the most efficient models in each of their lines. While Volkswagen has chosen to go with the more abstract BlueMotion label and Ford is mashing up words to create ecoNetic, Volvo is keeping it simple with Efficiency. The C30 Efficiency drops into the UK market in 2008 with a CO2 emissions rating of 119 g/km and 52.2 mpg (US) from its 1.6L diesel engine. Helping the new

The burgeoning interest in dual clutch gearboxes should be big business for Getrag over the next few years. Because a dual clutch transmission (DCT) combines the greater efficiency of a manual with full automatic shift capability they are being installed in more vehicles all the time. The first widespread use of DCTs was on Volkswagen and Audi models in the last few years with their Borg-Warner-built DSG units.