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There's no doubt that there are a lot of advances in powertrain technology that will improve the efficiency of vehicles over the next few years. There are near-term features like direct fuel injection, turbocharging and dual clutch transmissions. Other features like start stop systems and electrification of accessory drives will help too. The problem is these features all add cost to the vehicle. If consumers don't buy vehicles equipped with this kind of technology, there is no net benefit. Erni

We knew already that the 2009 Dodge Journey would be receiving a dual-clutch transmission for overseas markets, but Chrysler has just announced that the '09 Dodge Avenger and 2009 Chrysler Sebring will also offer the tranny. Mated to a 2.0 liter diesel engine, both fuel economy and CO2 emissions will improve by about six-percent. Chrysler's dual-clutch transmission is jointly produced by Getrag. One clutch engages the even ratios while the other operates on the odd. Efficiency is increased due t

Although installed in a car which merits no mention here (the last iteration of the M3, with a V8 engine by the way), BMW has used a new double-clutch transmission with seven forward gears. As with other double-clutch transmissions, one of the clutches drives the odd gears (Rear, 1, 3, 5, 7), while the second manages even ones (2, 4, 6). Both clutches, in pure racing fashion, are oil-cooled with a specific dedicated oil radiator.

If you have one of Volkswagen's new DSG transmissions in your Golf, Golf Estate, Golf Plus or Jetta, then you also have the 2008 "Yellow Angel" award from ADAC under the hood. ADAC, the German automobile club, awarded the "Gelber Engel" prize to VW's Dual clutch transmission this week and VW Group CEO Prof. Martin Winterkorn accepted the award by saying that: