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Drowsy driving: 'Many of us are guilty,' and little has been done to stop it

Sleep-impaired drivers could be involved in 328,000 crashes a year.

Sleep-impaired drivers could be involved in 328,000 crashes a year.

Ohio State Trooper nearly killed by drowsy driver while changing a tire

An Ohio State Trooper is lucky to be alive today after a drowsy driver swerved and crashed into his cruiser while he was changing a motorist's tire along a busy highway last week.

Millions of Americans are driving drowsy

Driving while tired can be as dangerous as driving while drunk.

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Video shows Australian driver falling asleep at the wheel

A driver in Western Australia learned this the hard way when they fell asleep while driving and plowed into a stand of trees at speed.

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Drowsy Driving Video Posted To Facebook As Caution To Other Drivers | Autoblog Minute

A scary video shows the exact moment a driver falls asleep at the wheel. The video was posted to the Facebook by the driver of the vehicle as a caution to others not drive while fatigued.

NHTSA Administrator Rosekind vows to combat drowsy driving

Drowsy driving may finally be getting the attention it deserves, as NHTSA Administrator Mark Rosekind plans on cracking down on the dangerous behavior.

Drowsy driving involved in 21 percent of fatal car accidents [w/video]

AAA Says Fatigue-Related Crashes Significantly Underreported

AAA estimates drowsy driving is responsible for 6,400 deaths a year.

Drowsy Driving Involved In 21 Percent Of Fatal Car Accidents

AAA says fatigue-related crashes are underreported

On Monday, AAA released a new study that served as a reminder that it's not just tired truckers that pose a threat on U.S. roads. It's the rest of us too.

Study Shows Drivers Fight Fatigue With Dangerous Strategies

Coffee is not a substitute for sleep, according to experts

With millions of Americans getting behind the wheel for long road trips this summer, driving while fatigued is a given. Drivers are combating the issue in the wrong ways, according to a new survey.

Americans who consider drunk driving 'a serious threat' declines 21% in 3 years

Alternate titles for this story could have been "American drivers growing stupider," "Number of boneheads on the road increases," "Natural selection having greater influence on American drivers." We don't mean to make light of the latest study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, but it's so darn disturbing that we aren't really sure what else to do.

CDC releases results of largest survey ever on drowsy driving

We all know that driving while texting or under the influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention just released a survey taken back in 2009 and 2010 by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) showing just how lethal drowsy driving can be. According to the survey, drowsy driving accounted for almost 730 f

AAA: Young drivers more likely to drive drowsy

Wake-y, wake-y... hit the brake-y! This is the National Sleep Foundation's Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety has completed a new survey with data indicating that one in seven drivers between 16 and 24 have admitted to falling asleep while behind the wheel at least once in the last year alone. That's a lot more drowsy driving compared to only 1 in 10 of all drivers who said they nodded off while driv

Are Drowsy Drivers As Bad As Drunks?

New Study Links Fatal Accidents To Sleepiness

Drowsy drivers don't attract as much public opprobrium as drunk or distracted drivers, but maybe they should. According to a newly released survey of 2,000 motorists by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, 41 percent of drivers admitted they had "fallen asleep or nodded off" while driving at least once. Eleven percent said they had done so within the past year, and four percent

Drowsy driving is equal to drunk driving

Around Memorial Day, the chances are good that either you or somebody that you are sharing the road with today has been out and about, spending the day with family or just enjoying their time off. There have surely been many hours spent behind the wheel for drivers across the country. Hopefully, drunk driving is kept to a minimum. But, there is another possible problem-driver on the road: the drowsy driver. It's