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It appears that Formula One's new scoring system has few friends in the pitlane. Renault's Fernando Alonso and Toyota's Jarno Trulli have already blasted it, and now reigning champ Lewis Hamilton from McLaren and former champion Michael Schumacher have similarly disparaged the new system that awards the championship to whichever driver wins the most races. Hamilton went so far as to say, "I think it's a shame what's happening to Formula 1." We should note that had the new scoring system been in

The current points system in Formula One racing rewards 10 points to the driver who comes in first place, 9 to second place and 8 to third. The system was expanded in 2002 to offer points up to 8th place, which was intended to loosen Michael Schumacher's vice-like grip on winning at the time. With Schumi gone, the points system has come under fire for rewarding consistent driving over outright winning. Take last year's champ, Lewis Hamilton. He won five races and otherwise drove well enough in t