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Passing the stick to the next generation, with the help of vintage cars

With the manual transmission becoming less common as time goes on, there are fewer opportunities to learn how to use it and subsequently order a car with one. In response to this, Honda hosted an experience in the Los Angeles area near Angeles Crest Highway called "Shifting Gears." There Honda brought out a bunch of its own manual-equipped cars to teach people how to use a manual transmission.

One of the last vestiges of youth is your driver’s license - and at some point, you have to give that up.

There’s a little Speed Racer in everyone.

Following the “rules of the road” is important to maintain your spot as a member of the safe driving community and reducing crashes and related injuries.

One of the most important facets of being a safe driver is understanding right-of-way laws.

Vehicle modifications can take many forms, from simple modifications such as light window tinting to under-vehicle LED lighting to the more complex frame and suspension modifications.

While the safety features on vehicles have improved dramatically in recent years, the fact remains that cars are large, heavy items that travel at very fast speeds, and can thus be quite dangerous.

It goes without saying that a driver needs to be able to see well in order to drive safely.

Driving over the speed limit, or speeding, is dangerous and can put both you and the lives of others at risk.

Most drivers need to get a driver’s permit before they are allowed to receive their standard driver’s license.

There are two kinds of generic licenses in the United States.

Accidents, are, unfortunately, a part of driving.

Driver’s education is an important consideration for many teens who are edging closer to that magical time when they become licensed drivers.


What do you remember from driver's training? In my case, I took private lessons from a geriatric instructor in Holland, Michigan, mostly because I had somehow missed the signup for the class offered by my high school. I spent two weeks going after school, watched some instructional videos, drove around in a car that had a brake pedal on the right side for the teacher (he didn't use the brake for me, but he did jerk the steering wheel out of my hand on a few occasions), and then took a take-home

The recent spate of negative press hampering the Caparo T1 hasn't stopped the makers of the clichéd "road-going racecar" from releasing a host of details outlining the finer points of the T1's safety systems.

Sounds like great news, right? It's not if you consider that over the same period, America, which was rated as having the safest roads in the world during the '70s, has since fallen behind countries such as Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the U.K., the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland, according to research conducted by Leonard Evans for a new book on traffic safety.

In an article in the June 2007 issue of Automotive Engineering International Daimler Chairman Dieter Zetsche discussed some of the technologies that will lead to reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions over the next ten years. There wasn't much new that we haven't already heard numerous times before although it's clear that Zetsche isn't much of a fan of strong hybrid systems. That's probably why Daimler teamed up with GM and BMW on the development of the two mode system instead o

The question of the day is, "If you're tasked with teaching a three-time Formula One champ to drive, what's the curriculum?" Some instructor in Brazil will be forced to answer that very query when he gets Nelson Piquet behind the wheel for a refresher on the rules of the road.