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Hyundai files patent for smartphone feature disabler in proximity to steering wheel

Hyundai has a patent for a way to disable smartphone features, like calls and texting, by using specific software and antennas inside the vehicle. It can even limit these restrictions simple to the area around the driver's seat.

Toyota takes self-driving step with patent for eyelid detection device

Toyota has patented an improved eye-tracking technology that attempts to eliminate false-positive results caused by redeye. The system also monitors a driver's upper and lower eyelids to calculate how open the is.

DOT releases Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving

Everyone needs a plan, and now Ray LaHood and his people at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have released their Blueprint for Ending Distracted Driving.

NHTSA distracted driver guidelines would render navigation systems useless

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has produced a minutely detailed document addressing and attempting to assess driver distractions. Jonathon Ramsey

Bluetooth-equipped mirror adds GPS and, yes, games

We can see it now. A police officer pulls over a Pep Boys-customized Chevy Cavalier that's been having a hard time staying in its lane. The officer asks the driver if he's been texting. "No," he says, "Just playing Angry Birds on my rearview mirror."