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Last month Ford F-150 sales were down 9.7 percent compared to June of 2005. July must not be going andy better, as Automotive News reports that Ford is offering an additional $500 to $1000 in rebates on its number-one selling full-size truck. The new rebates are considered part of the Drive On Us Model Year Clearance program, which for the F-150 includes a prepaid debit card that can be used to purchase up to $1,100 of gas, E85 or diesel and 60 months of 0-percent financing. The Drive on Us prog

The two fuel-discount programs offered by Ford and GM to new car buyers have attracted a lot of attention, but the actual goal of the programs (to sell more new cars) may not be actually fulfilled. In an article in the Desert Sun from Palm Springs, CA last week, car dealers were interviewed about the state of the programs, which began around the end of May. The promotions promise to cap the price of each gallon of gas the car buyer burns in the next year at $1.99 (GM) or give buyers $1,000 worth

Meanwhile, Ford is once again following GM's lead by offering a similar incentive program at the center of which is the current high price of gas. FoMoCo has launched a nationwide "Drive on Us" sales incentive program, offering not only zero percent financing but free gas for the rest of the year for new vehicles purchased between today and July 31.