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A face from the UAE drifting scene

Meet Yousef.

This is a short bio on Yousef, his experience in the sport, what he has learned from it, and his contributions back to the sport that he loves.

Enjoy 5 minutes of Supras drifting and shooting flames

This compilation of fourth-generation Toyota Supras shows highly tuned versions of the beloved coupes smoking their tires and shooting flames. They look like a lot of fun.

World's slowest drifting looks like a ton of fun

How do they practice drifting techniques in Japan without the speed and the risks involved? They wait for the lake to freeze over and do it all real slow. The result looks like more fun than you could shake a stick at.

Drifting tanks on ice is a form of training (probably)

Some US Marines had a good ole time in the name of training, drifting their 60-plus-ton M1A1 Abrams tank along icy stretches of rural Norway.

Watch a Group B Porsche 911 tear up the 'Ring in the snow

This Porsche 911 SC RS Group B rally car slides around the Nurburgring Grand Prix course.

Saab-powered Ford is the most unlikely drift car we've seen

Here's a Saab-powered Ford Anglia drift car. It's outstanding, and it's been tearing up tracks – sideways – all over the United Kingdom.

Ride with a Formula Drift champ in this 360 degree vid

Get a complete view of drifting with this impressive 360-degree video from Formula Drift Champion Chris Forsberg's car.

Watch this 1,500-hp Mazda MX-5 smoke a race track

New Zealand drifter "Mad Mike" Whiddett's quad-rotor, twin-turbo MX-5, named "RADBUL", is nuts.

Ford Mustang challenges Lamborghini in amazing drift battle

This stunning drift battle pits Vaughn Gittin Jr in a Ford Mustang against Daigo Saito in a Lamborghini Murcielago through an abandoned Japanese resort.

Drifting abandoned mall in Nissan Zs is the new Black Friday

Hoonigan finds a better way to spend Black Friday than standing in long lines for the chance at great deals by drifting a pair of thousand-horsepower Nissan 370Zs in and around an abandoned shopping mall in Southern California.

Autoblog Minute: Onboard in the wild 2015 Mustang RTR

This Formula D Mustang is Ready To Rock

2015 seems like the year of the Mustang. We head to the historic proving grounds in Dearborn, Michigan for a closer look at the 2015 Mustang RTR. Autoblog's Mylencia Gillenwaters reports on this edition of Autoblog Minute, with Eddie Sabatini on location.

Motorcycles and cars star in strangest drift battle ever

Running over dirt roads, highways, and racetracks, Icon Motorsport has crafted a weird story of tuned cars and bikes drifting together.

Randy Pobst gets his own web series called The Racing Line

Motor Trend hot shoe Randy Pobst gets his own web series called The Racing Line. Episode one covers drifting, the so-called "party drug of driving."

Watch a helicopter prey on a drifting Toyota GT86

Felix Baumgartner pilots a helicopter startlingly close to a drifting Toyota GT86 in this latest visual spectacle from Red Bull, filmed at an event in Poland.

5 year old is going to be a great stuntman

This five year old has the perfect look on his face while going drifting with his stunt-driver dad. The two of them make an annual tradition out of doing this.

Xcar takes us to Driftland, UK

Xcar takes us on a trip up to the Scottish Lowlands to visit Driftland, a dedicated drifting circuit built on the grounds of a stock car racing oval track just to the north of Edinburgh.

Goodwood festival adds drifting category

The 2015 Goodwood Festival of Speed will be the first to host a special drifting category. Mad Mike Whiddett and Ken Block are among the drivers who'll drift the hillclimb.

Tanner Foust drifts Rockstar Passat around US Cycling TT course

The USA Cycling Time Trials take place on Saturday in Chattanooga, TN. That's also where Volkswagen has its US headquarters. So in honor of the event, VW decided to have a little fun involving Tanner Foust and a 900-horsepower Rockstar Drift car.

Watch a pro drifter drive the Nissan Skyline with his feet

Professional drifter Bartosz Ostalowski has no arms, but he's still able to compete with one foot on the wheel. It's absolutely amazing and inspiring to watch.

And that's why you don't drift over speed bumps

The driver of this hatchback realizes way too late that a speed bump is coming up quickly. The situation goes very poorly for the little car, but one bystander is quite unimpressed by the whole affair.

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