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We were all ready to start this week anew, leaving behind the reports of a supposed sale of Chrysler to General Motors. But alas, that ain't going to happen.

There have been rumblings of late in the halls of Stuttgart that the boys in Auburn Hills are an albatross around the neck of DCX. Dieter Zetsche and company are reportedly in it for the long haul and fighting the good fight for Chrysler, but investors cite thin patience while waiting for a profit. Rumors of potential suitors waiting in the wings abound, but it seems that the real problem would be salability due to large pension commitments. Some have gone as far as speculating that even if Chry

Chrysler, and all the brands contained within, is not experiencing the typical surge in dealer orders for model year 2007 vehicles that's typical for this time of year. Dealers, unable to unload the 2006 models already on their lots, are all about supporting their company, but not at the expense of their bottom line.