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In addition to the upcoming hybrid versions of the Panamera and Cayenne as well as an electric version of the 911, Porsche is believed to be preparing a low CO2 version of its next-generation Boxster. The new, lower-power variant would be meant to help Porsche meet upcoming European CO2 emissions limits.

In 2002, General Motors had 177,000 employees in North America. By the end of 2008, that number had shrunk to 93,000, or 49% fewer employees than it had just six years earlier. GM plans to further cut its white collar workforce by 3,400 by May of this year, and the General is looking to cut 10,000 white-collar posts globally by the end of 2009. That will make nearly 100,000 GM jobs lost; enough people to fill the University of Michigan football stadium.

As we've watched the sales of trucks and SUVs implode faster than a twenty-year-old Las Vegas casino over the past year, we of course wonder why? Not that we don't consider this a good thing around these parts. I personally have long felt that American consumers' fascination with SUVs was at best dubious and at worst idiotic. Nonetheless, the dramatic swing to small cars still has to raise an eyebrow or two. Certainly there are those among us who would like to believe that Americans have suddenl

Saab's decision to start down-sizing goes into full effect in 2009 with the debut of the new 9-5. The 9-5 is expected to break out the Geneva Motor Show in March. Saab's largest car will be built on the new Epsilon II architecture that debuted last month with the new Opel Insignia. The smallest engine in the new 9-5 is expected to be a turbocharged 1.6L probably with direct injection. Other engines will include the 2.8L version of GM's twin cam V6 along with a pair of diesels. A 2.0L four cyl

With everyone else working on downsized engines to deal with rising (in spite of the current respite) fuel costs, one brand who hasn't said anything is Cadillac. One model in the lineup that would be ripe for the treatment is the CTS. For all the praise the model has earned since its debut last year, one problem it has is mass, as in too much of it. GM has already indicated that they are open to the possibility of using the 2.0L direct injected turbo four cylinder from the Solstice GXP in the Ca

Pending carbon dioxide emissions regulations in Europe mean that Mercedes Benz will make a major push toward down-sizing engines in the next three years. Thomas Weber, Daimler board member responsible for research and development has announced that every model in the Mercedes lineup will offer a turbocharged engine the end of 2010. All of the turbocharged engines will feature smaller displacements for reduced fuel consumption, with the turbos providing increased power on-demand.

Upcoming fuel economy regulations in the U.S. and carbon dioxide emissions limits in Europe appear set to take a bite out of the next generation Saab 9-3. The current 9-3 is derived from GM's Epsilon platform and the new 9-3 was due to come off the Epsilon II that underpins the new Opel Insignia, but a change may be in the works. GM has reportedly canceled the Epsilon II-based 9-3 in favor of a model built off the Global Compact Car platform that will be the basis of the next Astra/Cobalt and, o

As fuel prices continue on their upward trajectory, more and more evidence is coming to light that American drivers are making adjustments. Sales of mid-sized SUVs have completely tanked in the last few years, and now J.D. Power and Associates has compiled sales data on the relative market shares for different engine types. Since 2003, market penetration for both eight and six cylinder engines has dropped while four cylinders are on the rise, a trend likely to accelerate in the coming years.

Well, Volkswagen's job cuts at the brand's German facilities may not be popular, but at least they're fair. The company confirmed Wednesday that its plan to improve productivity and efficiency by cutting up to 20,000 jobs includes up to 20 percent of the company's 1,000 management staff.