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One Ohio-based inventor who's long proposed a technology that substantially boosts the driving range of a typical V8 engine says his idea still has plenty of legs. Doug Pelmear, whose HP2g technology was the guts behind the high-miles-per-gallon converted Mustang in 2009 and the Revenge Verde (pictured) that was displayed at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, continues to try to get financial interest in his system. The idea is to boost fuel economy by shutting off fuel to some of the cylinders under n

January was a simpler time for the relationship between Doug Pelmear/Horse Power Sales (makers of the HP2G engine that was in the Mustang we saw in Detroit a few months ago) and the Automotive X Prize. Back then, the two were happy neighbors in the NAIAS basement (the smelly, smelly basement). No longer.

Remember Doug Pelmear, the inventor and mechanic from Toledo, Ohio who claims that his late-80's Fox Body Mustang makes 400-horsepower and still manages to return 80 miles per gallon? Doug's back in Toledo's news and he's making the same claims as before. In fact, Pelmear's Mustang can run on ethanol and in so doing, he says, can get up to 110 miles per gallon equivalent. Apparently, Doug's claims have been met with some skepticism, which isn't really surprising considering that the claims seem