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CleanFlex Power System finds a way to burn ethanol in diesel engines

Diesel engines like to burn diesel fuel. Most, especially older ones, will also run just fine on biodiesel. But ethanol? You can't put ethanol in a diesel engine, right? According to National Corn Growers Association chairman and Nebraska corn farmer Bob Dickey, there actually is a way to mix ethanol into a diesel cycle right at the point of combustion, resulting in a diesel engine th

Ethanol's new biomass: watermelons

Ok, we know that technically any plant product can be made into ethanol. But the list of plant biomass that researchers are actively working on converting to ethanol is getting pretty long as well. We have the obvious ones - corn and soybeans - but also poplar trees, grapes, citrus fruit and now, watermelons.

Forbidden Fuel author interviewed by Domestic Fuel

If you – like me – are still learning lots about the ethanol scene, then Bill Kovarik has got some information for you (us). Twenty-five years ago Kovarik wrote a book about the history of ethanol called Forbidden Fuel, and he is currently working on an updated version. Kovarik was willingly caught on tape by Cindy over at Domestic Fuel for an interview recently. Kovarik is passionate (as you can see over at his Sebastian Blanco

Use less gas everyone. Seriously

Cindy over at Domestic Fuel lets rip a little bit of a rant, and it’s good that she did. Her anger or frustration at the “all hat no cattle” public personas of our supposed leaders on sustainability issues is warranted and timely, what with Hastert’s recent fake photo op (is that redundant?). I agree that one of the ke