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Back in early November, when Chrysler had its big business plan meeting, it became clear that most of the plug-in electric drive programs that the company has been promoting since early 2008 were being abandoned. One new test program that was announced was a plug-in hybrid version of the Ram pickup. The PHEV truck will be based on the two-mode hybrid Ram that is launching in 2010.

David Taylor calls this pickup truck the nation's first Dodge Ram plug-in hybrid and he's hoping there will be a second and a third and they'll tell two friends and, well, you get the picture. The award-winning ASE Master technician, in a well-crafted video on YouTube, proudly shows off his handiwork and explains how it works. And proud he should be since the company that originally made his now-hybridized truck won't have their own hybrid on the market until 2010 and even then it won't get the